Arduino Wearable LED Displays Hands-On Workshop

Arduino is by far, the most popular embedded controller today.  There are many resources on the web for beginners but, it helps if you have a hands-on experience to get started.   I use the Adafruit Trinket –  and addressable LED strings to create wearable displays.  I provide laptop computers with software to program the Trinket.  Kits include programming cable, battery and connector, so, participants leave with their project running the display they programmed, which can be reprogrammed on their own computer at home with free software available on-line . Limit is 12 children per class, recommended age, 12 and up.  Program lasts two hours.

  • Cost per kit is $15.00 (includes a programming cable, battery and connector)
  •  Limit is 12 children per class
  • Recommended age, 12 and up
  • Program lasts two hours.

‘Lady Ada’ describes the ‘Trinket’

More projects made with Trinket

A diagram of Trinket Pinouts


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